six meals as weight loss diet

We’ve already explained to you the many reasons why your appetite may be out of control. Among the lot, we also discussed how a fast metabolic rate could lead to hunger pangs every two hours. Eating six mini-meals versus three square meals a day is the solution. This helps you load up on nutritious foods every two hours, however the key is to keep your portions small (sometimes a handful of nuts is enough).

Reiterating this very fact is a new study that cites eating more often more advantageous too. If you have three large meals a day in order to lose weight, your glucose and cholesterol levels are bound to be higher in comparison. You are also at a risk of losing body mass.

The researchers made two groups; one had two meals and the other six meals. What they discovered is that though the calorie intake was the same, those who lost weight having six meals a day had a healthier body, and did not lose body mass in the process. When you have six small meals your glucose, insulin and cholesterol are at a healthy count.

According to the authors from Universities in California and New Mexico, “Increased meal frequency—such as six meals a day—did appear to favorably preserve fat-free mass during weight loss. In conclusion, calorific restriction was effective in reducing body mass and attenuating fat-free mass changes in body composition.”

Having small, but frequent meals in a day also cuts out cravings and the urge to binge on high-calorie foods. In case your weight loss diet has shaved off body mass, then gain muscle tone with these yoga asanas.

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