These three women may be poles apart in their personalities, but they have one thing in common—fitness. Find out why Carrie Underwood, a hardcore vegan is challenging you. Miley Cyrus a wild child, motivates you to turn your workout routine on its head. And today Katie Holmes reveals her diet to her slim, gorgeous figure.

Carrie Underwood, one of the biggest names in country music, recently launched her first fitness apparel line, Calia By Carrie Underwood. This summer, she invites you feature in Calia’s next video—but first you have to prove your mettle. She posted on Instagram, “SHARE YOUR PATH for a chance to be in a @CALIAbyCarrie video!

Here’s how: Take a video showing off how YOU #StaythePath (Using a phone? Film horizontally!) Upload your video to Instagram or Twitter. And post your video and the name of your fitness path using this caption: “The (fill in the blank!) Path #StaythePath #contest”” Read the details of the contest here. So, what are you waiting for? Rise up to the challenge; you could be the person running next to her.

Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, has taken her eccentricities to a whole different level. When it comes to fitness, she claims she can do the inversions, which are some of the toughest yoga asanas out there. Taking on the headstand pose, she says, “Life is all about balance #party #yoga #veggies #partyharder #moreyoga #moreveggies”. Party hard, but work harder, she says.

Juicing is growing in popularity and Katie Holmes has also jumped onto the bandwagon. Indulging in cold-pressed juice is a favorite with weight watchers and for those who want to detox. But this diet is devoid of fiber and protein, as the skin and the pulp of fruits and vegetables is removed. Tread with caution and educate yourself if you want to go down this road.

Get all the information here on how your favorite celebrities stay in shape and find the diet that works best for you here.

Image Courtesy: Calia By Carrie Underwood/Instagram, Miley Cyrus/Instagram and Kati Holmes/Instagram

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