Time and again, we’ve told you that sex is actually good for your health. If you’re in a new relationship, or happily in love, having sex daily or several times a day is a reflection of your passion—which is perfectly normal. However, is there such a thing as too much sex? Apparently—yes.

A new study goes on to state that indulging in frequent sex might lower your sexual desire. [Also Read: Superfoods To Super Charge Your Sex Life]

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh studied couples (aged between 35 and 65) over a three-month period, and asked them to increase their frequency of sexual intercourse. They found that it actually led to a decrease in sexual desire. The libido dipped more quickly, and the desire wore off more easily than the enjoyment of sex, once it has been initiated.

“Instead of increasing the frequency, the couples should work on creating an environment that sparks their desire and makes the sex that they do have even more fun,” said lead researcher and professor, George Loewenstein. [Also Read: 6 Aphrodisiacs Proven To Spark Romance]

The study divided the participants into two groups. One group received no instructions on their sexual frequency, while the second group was told to double their frequency of intercourse. This was followed by them filling out a questionnaire measuring various parameters, such as health behaviours, happiness levels and the occurrence, type and enjoyableness of sex. It was found that the second group had notably lower sexual desire, and a marked decrease in sexual enjoyment.

This finding could help couples enjoy a better, more fulfilling sex life, and do fun things together to nurture their relationship instead of just having more sex. Keep these points in mind to know what possibly passes as ‘too much sex’:

  • If your partner and you are on the same page, and enjoy sex just as frequently, there really isn’t much to worry about.
  • But when your desires become a priority and take over every other aspect of life, you need to take a step back.
  • Skipping or delaying work, avoiding social gatherings and shying away from your daily chores, just in order to make time for sex, is anything but healthy. It could very well put you on the brink of an addiction.
  • While science might not be able to clearly define it as a medical disorder, being addicted to sex (as is the case with any other addiction) can get in the way of a healthy, normal life.

Source: IANS

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