Now, if destination weddings were the biggest trend last year, this year’s all about taking a break or a mini vacation to get fit. And no, this really does not mean all work and no play, so if you imagine you’ll be sweating it out at the gym for the better half of the trip, you’re in for a surprise (of the good kind).

Fitness vacations have taken a U-turn down to ‘Fun Avenue’, with wellness tourism venturing further and further away from the fat farm concept, by offering packages that include yoga among sea turtles, a beach bootcamp, or even a Zumba cruise.

“Fitness retreats used to mean go away and lose weight,” says Melisse Gelula, co-founder of the wellness media company Well+Good. “Now it’s just working fitness into a schedule that might also include lavish dinners, beach time, cocktail hours, and nights out dancing.”

What’s great about fitness vacations is that companies will never talk about weight loss. It’s all about appealing to the fun aspects of physical activities, which in retrospect, help you shed those unwanted pounds and stay fit without even realizing or feeling the strain of it.

So if fun is on the agenda, why not add fitness to the equation and treat yourself to an experience that’s definitely going to be just as good for your body, as it is for your mind? We’re definitely up for the adventure; are you?

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