We bring the week to a close with some fitspiration from social media, courtesy hot mama Jessica Alba, the very ripped Jason Derulo and sexy, sultry Nina Dobrev. The three A-listers took to Instagram with snapshots of their fitness fixes, all of which you can adopt with ease into your daily routine.

First up was Ms Alba along with mentor, Cornelius Jones Jr, who was turning up the heat with some Bikram yoga. Also known as hot yoga, a typical session involves a fixed sequence of 26 asanas and two pranayama breathing exercises, which are practiced over 90 minutes in a heated room.

It is ideal to practice Bikram yoga 4-6 times a week to gain the full medical and physical benefits of this practice. Over time, one will see inch-loss around the whole body, toned muscles, incredible surge in energy, improved mood, a calmer state of mind, higher focus, increased stamina and strength, better eating habits, and finally a sense of balance in their lives.

Got it in w sweet @corneliusjonesjr #hotyogasculpt  thx @sweatybetty 4 the best sports bra in all the land #nofilter

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For the boys, we look to Jason Derulo for some strength training moves. Following the ab workout video that went viral for his gruelling routine and stupendous results, this one has the hip-hop star take on battle ropes to work his upper body, and given his pace, we’re not surprised that his body looks as sculpted as it does.

The workout involves slamming, dragging, and creating waves with ropes that are centrally anchored a few feet away to a support bar. The more the distance, the harder it is to create motion. The ropes require you to engage your upper body, particularly your arms, pecs, shoulders and back, so posture and core stability is of utmost importance. Needless to say, if you have injuries, muscle stress or spasms in these areas, you’re not ready for battle.

Beast Mode! Stepping things up with #fitfam @mrmovi3 @daofficialfresh @thejeremystrong A video posted by Jason (@jasonderulo) on


As for those who want to keep their metabolism revved up and the body in top form, take cue from Nina Dobrev, yet another celebrity who’s embraced the teatox way of living. This wonder tea is made from natural ingredients such as Chinese oolong tea and ginger root, which are known for their health benefits. It is aimed at initiating your weight loss journey by cleansing your system, but also has other benefits such as boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite. Care to order some of your own?

Unicorn Tea Time! Day 1 of 14… Here we go @booteaUK #AD

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