Okay, we’ll admit it. Tinder was fun when we first discovered it; a guilty pleasure we didn’t share with our peeps, but indulged in on the sly. Getting excited about how attractive you were to the opposite sex was definitely a great ego boost, but sifting through the crazies was sure as hell not worth the effort.

That said, we’re totally loving the many tinder spin-offs that are transcending into the world of fitness apps. First, you had Rise, that matched you with top notch dietitians from around the world to help you inch closer to your goal. And now we see the incoming of Jaha, which combines the match aspect of Tinder, and the fitness tracking ability of RunKeeper, to help you find your soulmate on the run.

“We love the swipe because it is a great way to encourage people to actively connect with fitness friends without the fear of feeling rejected,” said Gary So, who co-founded the app with Patrick Tang.

However, unlike Tinder, if you’re still hesitant to meet your running buddy, you do have the option of challenging them to various fitness challenges, to know if they truly are in sync with your fitness philosophies. From running the 5k to doing deadlifts, you get to challenge any aspect you want. And if you feel they do indeed match-up, you can set up that fitness date right away!

Now, once bitten, twice shy may only be the experience of Tinder users, but we think Tinder could learn from Jaha, and perhaps introduce a virtual play date before an actual meet-cute. This way, you’ll really know what you’re getting into. What do you think?

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