couple sleeping with light gain weight

Listen up you social media addicts. A new study concludes that sleeping with the lights on can be the cause of your weight gain. In fact, if you’re one to pass out while watching television at night, or scanning your mobile for the latest updates before some shut-eye, drop the habit immediately!

Researchers at Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands conducted a survey and deduced that artificial light actually hampers your body clock and effects cells that are responsible for calorie burn. The researchers reiterate that the rise of obesity is a result of disturbed sleep patterns, and this study adds that light is a bad conductor of sleep.

We suggest you detach from technology an hour before you hit the sack. Switch off all electronic devices and lights to sleep peacefully and avoid weight gain. Actually, a ‘good night’s rest’ has always been applicable to those on a weight loss program. For your body to recover from your day’s activity, to repair muscle tissue and to restore strength, it needs about 7-8 hours of uninterrupted rest at night time. A sleep-deprived body wreaks havoc on our hormones, which affects your cravings and metabolism. Slowly, but surely, this will lead to weight gain.

In fact, the remedial measures for restless sleep can often be found in your daily routine—eat right, create a sleep ritual, exercise every day, and definitely unplug from social media and tech devices close to nap time.

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