Lindsay lohan

Well, it’s only just been two days since we showed you pictures of LiLo caught red-handed in yet another Photoshopped Insta-selfie. Luckily, her latest has no such scope for controversy, as she sits to get her hair done while sipping on a beauty solution for her gorgeous tresses. “Heard great things about @hairburst, healthier longer hair, here we go”.

The product contains selenium, zinc, hyaluronic acid, calcium and folic acid, and vitamins A, C and D, all of which work to improve hair from the inside out. Hairburst also has biotin, msg, silicia and collagen to promote hair growth, and the detox drink makes pretty tall claims for long haired damsels, within the prescribed three months of use. Lindsay is also reportedly on a 14-day BooTea Teatox to get ready for a healthier spring. Here’s all the fuss that surrounds the wonder tea.

Clearly, LiLo is big on fads and doesn’t mind being a guinea pig in the name of vanity. That said, the only activity that truly intrigues us is her pole dancing yoga—apparently it exists. Note to self: must find out more!

Image Courtesy: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

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