Best buds, critical mentors, and a shoulder to cry on—moms play a very important role in their daughters’ lives. They are the first impactful female role models for their little princesses, and thus the most influential. A new research outlined in Maternal and Child Health Journal says that daughters’ beliefs and behaviors may stem directly from those of their moms. Like mother, like daughter!

But it’s not just the personality and the temperament that’s alike. According to study co-author Alyce Barnes, education researcher at the University of Newcastle in Australia, daughters whose mothers are physically active and have strong beliefs about the benefits of regular exercise, spend more active time themselves. They’re more likely to stay fit, and follow a healthy diet.

So moms, here’s a lesson—practice what you preach. It is important for mothers to lead by example, and engage in active pursuits rather than sedentary behaviors such as engaging in small screen recreation (television, computer and tablet use), Barnes was quoted as saying in a Live Science report.

Having such an impact on your little one’s life lays more emphasis on maintaining a healthy relationship with them. This can become a little more challenging as they move towards adulthood, and you have to navigate uncharted waters. Here are a few tips for improving your mother-daughter relationship.

Want to make it more special? Plan a special date with your daughter. It’s a great way to bond, and share your philosophies about life, health and wellness.

And, if you wish to pamper her further, why not cook her one of these healthy, delicious dinners?

Source: IANS

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