A study claims that parents who chronically neglect their children contribute to the likelihood that they will have poor social skills, which in turn can make them aggressive in adolescence.

While child neglect can include many different aspects, the study examined two: failure to provide for a child’s basic needs, and a lack of adequate supervision. Failure to provide, which includes not meeting a child’s basic needs for food, shelter and clothing, was the key aspect of neglect that was linked to later aggression and delinquency.

Additionally, the study found that lack of adequate supervision did not link to the same outcomes, even after accounting for the contributions of other forms of maltreatment. The researchers also found that boys are more likely to respond to chronic neglect with aggressive or delinquent behavior than girls.

Researchers suggested that giving such kids interventions can help improve their behavior and social skills. Refer to our guide for natural, effective parenting.

Source: IANS

Reference: Failing to provide for kids leads to aggression and delinquency, according to new study, University at Buffalo School of Social Work.

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