If you’re addicted to social media, here’s some good news. A new study has found that making social media posts can not only help you lose weight, but more importantly, assists in maintaining it too.

The research, led by University of Carolina, explained that people who are engaged with social media, especially in relation to their weight loss, do exceedingly well. However, the challenge lies in keeping them actively engaged.

For the study, the research team asked people to join weight loss groups on Facebook where counselors posted to groups and engaged users by asking them to share experiences, recipes or their most challenging meals. These groups were then monitored, and responses observed.

Lead author, Sarah B Hales, stated that their research findings demonstrated that when various posts of comments encourage and motivate people to focus on their fitness targets, users tend to engage more.

She added that further research should be conducted to determine what differences might exist in social media support, as opposed to the traditional methods in clinical settings.

Did you really need yet another reason to log on to Facebook? Well, here it is!