Makes You Fat: Irregular sleep patterns and less than six hours of sleep can bump up the production of the hunger hormone gherlin, while decreasing the production of leptin, which suppresses the appetite. Too little sleep also slows down your metabolism and can spur some less than ideal food choices.

Okay, as odd as this may sound, your favorite newspaper might just be able to predict if you’ll be fat in the future or not. According to a new study, major newspapers like the New York Times or the London Times will be able to calculate a country’s obesity level by 2018.

Associate Professor of Marketing from California State University Brennan Davis, and his team of researchers, analyzed all the food words trending in 2015, across publications over 50 years. Davis speculates, “The more sweet snacks mentioned and the fewer fruits and vegetables mentioned in the newspaper, the fatter your country’s population would be in three years.”

The findings, published in the journal BMC Public Health, provide public health officials and epidemiologists new tools to quickly assess the effectiveness of current obesity interventions.

This is not the first we’re hearing of how media channels and the visual content we consume can impact our weight. Back in March, another study suggested that watching cooking shows is making you fat.

Does it really come as a surprise that reading food reviews, or paying attention to print ads that offer a free pizza or burger can impact your food choices, and your weight? Didn’t think so!

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