overweight teens believe normal weight range

When you are living in an altered reality, everything seems dandy. This is the case with some teenagers who are not worried about their weight and consciously believe they are perfect. It is disturbing as excess weight can lead to a host of lifestyle diseases, including breast or bowel cancer.

Cancer Research conducted a study with 5000 teenagers aged 13-15. They were asked if they were heavy, just right or underweight. Their answers were compared to their Body Mass Index (BMI), and it was concluded that 73 percent teenagers were within the normal-weight range, 20 percent were in the overweight category, and seven percent were obese. But, around 40 percent of them believed that they were about the right weight, while very few thought they were too light.

It is important for teenagers above normal or those who are underweight, to get a reality check, from their peers, family, or alternate support systems. When teenagers carry excess weight, they increase their susceptibility to cancer, other weight-related diseases, and eating disorders too.

It has already been proven, that kids who exercise make for fitter adults, so be sure to motivate your teenagers to keep their BMI in check, through good food choices and regular activity or workouts. Keep friends close, but skinny friends closer. Also, what works well is to have a workout buddy, a friend you can count on to make lifestyle changes.

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