Older women who eat foods with higher quantities of potassium may be at lower risk of stroke and death than women who consume less potassium-rich foods, new research shows.
Wearing a bra with an underwire increases the risk of breast cancer, tight bras cause cancer, and wearing a bra can kill you are all urban legends lingerie cynics have created over the years. Leaving women to wonder if wearing bras can cause cancer.
Researchers from Harvard Medical School have recently published a study in PLOS ONE wherein they have stated that Xenon (the anesthetic gas) could help treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions linked with fear and anxiety.
Advertisements for weight-loss programs usually show cheery dieters delighted to be shedding their burden of excess pounds, but a new study finds that in the real world, over time, weight loss may be linked with worsening mood.
The unavoidable monitoring of one's blood sugar levels at all times cannot be escaped. However, in a bid to avoid that prick to monitor blood sugar levels for those suffering from diabetes, researchers have spotted some light on the horizon.
Spending long hours in front of the idiot box, smartphone and tablet are making children dependent on them. It is time to put an end to this habit and stop children from turning into couch-potato for the rest of their lives, the study says.
For years, doctors have known that there is a link between childhood obesity and asthma, but have found it difficult to determine which condition tends to come first, or whether one causes the other.
Unpleasant stench from your clothes embarrassing you? While it is perfectly normal to sweat after a rigorous exercise session, the odor that your body will carry from the sweat can often be repelling. If you despise smelling like a sweaty sock after a good workout, try this.
Now that your baby has finally arrived and you are enjoying every bit of being a new mom, you cannot escape the oodles of pounds you stacked up during your pregnancy. Snapping back to your pre-baby body will be a piece of cake. Here’s a way to do it naturally.
What keeps you up at night is going to bite you in the derriere someday. Adequate sleep could be a key indicator of sharpness as you age as researchers have found that sleep difficulties may be linked to faster rates of decline in brain volume.