The software has been designed to help those with autism make eye contact, engage in conversations and read social interactions more easily.
According to a new research, boys are born with stronger vertebrae, the series of small bones that form the spinal column.
Scientists conducted multiple studies with more than 4,000 participants, to discover how a person's empathy level and thinking style predict what kind of music they like.
If you suffer from high blood pressure and are a regular on painkillers then you might be risking your kidney health.
A study has found that cataracts could be easily dissolved with eye drops and be treated in the future without the need of surgery.
The shot would be the first licensed human vaccine against a parasitic disease and could help prevent millions of cases of malaria in countries that use it.
After surveying 850 American women, a study revealed some surprising findings about their fantasies, and why they opt for group tours.
The 33-year-old was reportedly "horrified" when she saw untouched photographs of herself on the set of her "Pretty girls" music video in April.
Listen to your favorite DJ’s latest mix while you’re working out with this exclusively curated playlist.
Technology has come up with a totally fantastic solution to the problem of pets that are lost or stolen.