Okay, so you got a new fitness tracker. You’re excited about your very health-conscious purchase and you can’t wait to use it. Congratulations! You’ve just joined millions of people worldwide in the endeavor to get in shape and lead a healthy life, with the help of a band. We’ve all done it.

But, you’re going to break-up with your tracker in just about six months, and there are now studies to prove it!

According to the research firm Endeavor Partners, about a third of all fitness trackers are abandoned after the first six months of use. Also, another finding by health care investment fund, Rock Health, suggests that only about half of 20 million Fitbit buyers were actively using their trackers in 2015.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that these trackers can’t replace real trainers, who equip you with coping mechanisms, customize your routine to account for injuries and aches, and inspire healthy living by leading by example.

It is definitely a wake-up call for most companies producing wearable fitness devices. The novelty of counting steps and calories wears off after a while, just like their bright-colored rubber straps and fancy packaging.

While you can upgrade the appearance of the tracker, can it really do the same for you?

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