The constant quarreling and bickering among siblings during childhood does change into love – but it takes a quarter of a century for them to come to this stage.

Most people are likely to get along with their siblings after age 25, says an interesting study, adding that relationship with a sibling greatly improved when one left home either for higher studies or to live with a partner.

It is great to have a brother or sister but as the results show, it can take a while to realize it. No doubt many of us had lots of fun with our siblings as children, but different maturity levels, personality clashes and jealousy can override any good feeling towards them,” said a spokeswoman for gifting website which did the research.

Researchers analysed 2,000 British adults aged over 30 to find that three-quarters have a better relationship with their brother or sister after age 25 than they did during childhood.

Spending time apart from a sibling is when we finally realize how much we love them.

Often when we have gained independence and tend to know ourselves better is when we appreciate family and how important they are,” the spokeswoman was quoted as saying in Daily Mail.

For 15 percent of the people, complaining about mom and dad brought them closer while 16 percent said they appreciated their sibling once they settled into a family of their own.

Source: IANS