It’s a known fact that keeping your heart rate up during a workout has its benefits. However, not everyone benefits from a similar heart rate.

Your pulse is a reflection of the level of intensity. Therefore, knowing exactly what heart rate you should maintain during your workout can help you understand exactly where your workout lacks, or excels, and gives you an objective look at your performance levels.

But how can you determine your optimum heart rate? It’s really quite simple. Just subtract your age from 220. Your optimum heart rate should falls between 60% and 90% of the number.

Using this number as a guide, you can determine exactly what fitness routine you should follow, as the intensity of a workout tends to decree with increasing age. And experts believe that being aware of individual recommended intensity range can help prevent fatigue and injury.

According to Dr Theodore Feldman, medical director, Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute at South Miami Hospital and medical director, Center for Prevention and Wellness, Baptist Health South Florida, “People should not be intimidated to exercise vigorously, as long as they pay attention to their rate and hydration.”

Now, it’s up to you to use this piece of information to modify your exercise sessions and levels of intensity to stay in top form, with or without a fitness tracker.

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