Who doesn’t love cocoa-rich drinks, chocolate and chocolate dessert? A good source of protein, cocoa is now found to be good for your brain health as well. It helps maintains healthy cognitive development.

A study in the journal AJCN (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) found that diets rich in cocoa flavanols (bioactive elements) can help arrest age-related memory decline in healthy adults, as they age. It involved men and women aged 61-85 years assigned to one of three flavanol groups, consuming a drink containing either high (993 mg), intermediate (520 mg) or low (48 mg) amounts of cocoa flavanols every day, for eight weeks. Those who consumed high or intermediate levels of cocoa exhibited significant improvements in the overall mental functioning.

Healthy individuals can also benefit from the regular inclusion of cocoa flavanols in their diets.

Source: IANS

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