The benefits of yoga and deep meditation have long been known and utilized by people across the globe. A new research published by JAMA Internal Medicine has found a significant link between meditation and sleep quality.

Meditating regularly could help you sleep better, and could also help treat insomnia in older people. This is especially true of mindfulness meditation practices, in which people learn to pay better attention to what they are feeling physically and mentally. In the clinic trial including 49 participants (age 66), meditation resulted in improved sleep quality for older adults with moderate sleep disturbance.

“According to our findings, mindfulness meditation appears to have a role in addressing the prevalent burden of sleep problems among older adults,” said David Black from University of Southern California, LA. Moderate sleep disturbances in older adults are associated with higher levels of fatigue, disturbed mood, mild depression, and a lower quality of life. Of the 49 participants, 24 took part in a standardized mindful awareness practices (MAPs) intervention, whereas 25 individuals participated in a sleep hygiene education (SHE) intervention. It was found that the participants in the MAPs group showed improvement compared to those in the SHE group.

The MAPs group also showed improvement as compared to the SHE group on secondary measures of symptoms of insomnia, depression, fatigue interference and its severity.

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