According to a study published in the Journal of Cellular Physiology, a novel protein could be a universal therapeutic target for treating human diseases such as brain cancer, Ebola, influenza, hepatitis and super bug bacteria.

Researchers would use a drug combination to target the key protein GRP78 and related proteins to prevent the replication of a variety of major viruses in infected cells. It would make antibiotic-resistant bacteria vulnerable to common antibiotics and found evidence that brain cancer stem cells were also killed.

The researchers have a concept that by attacking GRP78 and related proteins, novel proteins hurt cancer cells and inhibit the ability of viruses to infect and reproduce. GRP78 is part of a family of proteins called chaperones. Its job is to help shape chains of amino acids into proteins and then to keep those proteins active in the correct 3D shape.

The chaperone proteins are very important in cancer cells because these cells make extra protein compared to normal cells. The findings open an avenue of being able to treat viral infections.

Source: IANS

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