Fragrance: A travel size bottle of your favorite perfume is a must-have for the ladies, and their boys too. Fragrance plays an important part on a big date, so whether it’s that cooling aftershave, handy breath mint, or refreshing body mist, keep a check on your body odor through the night and lock and reload if need be.

When you spray on your favorite perfume before you step out each morning, you probably hope to smell just as fragrant by the day end; but, clearly that’s not happening. This is exactly why some of us stock up on travel-sized bottles in our handbags for those impromptu socials, dates, or what have you.

But, what if there was a way to smell just as fresh as you did when you left your house, no matter what time you get home in the evening, and regardless of where you’ve been all day (the gym included)?

Well, apparently a very unique fragrance is in the works, and it promises to do just that! In April, Queen’s University Belfast began developing a “scent delivery system” that is designed to amplify a wearer’s perfume, the more s/he sweats.

Researchers fused existing perfumes with a salt solution or “iconic liquid” that self-activates when it comes in contact with water, or a person’s sweat, amplifying the wearer’s perfume.

What we can expect from this experiment, if it proves successful, is an office, gym or jogging track smelling as fresh as a salon or spa—and trust us, as fitness enthusiasts we’d love nothing better!

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