Imagine standing before a vending machine trying to choose what to eat. But instead of sugar-rich candy bars, packets of fattening chips or artificially colored and flavoured drinks, you have a wide range of healthy breakfasts, snacks, salads and even proteins to select from, that are made from fresh, locally grown, organic and sustainable produce. Oh, and they just happen to be chock full of options such as gluten-free, Vegan, sugar-free, paleo, low carb, low-FODMAP, high protein and dairy free.

This vending machine is not imaginary but is now a reality as of less than a week ago, as reported by The Daily Mail, when Australian residents, Dane Blackburn and Laura Anderson launched The Fud Revolution’s first vending machine. Custom-built from recycled timber, the vending machines are temperature controlled, and the food is prepared fresh every morning according to a seasonal, rotating menu and then packaged in exclusive, recyclable mason jars and time-stamped each day.


You can find gourmet salads with exotic spices and dressings, granola and yogurt breakfasts, tasty snacks of veggies and nuts, grilled proteins to eat on their own or add to salads. What’s more, whatever products are not sold are donated to the Homeless of Melbourne, making this venture a fantastic example of avoiding food wastage and being a sustainable business.

The only thing we’d change? We’d bring it here to the United States! This amazing concept is in Melbourne. Will someone please connect with these fantastic people, and learn a thing or two from them?

It’s about time we had cheap, healthy and fresh food that’s available on the go.

Images Source: TheFudRevolution’s Facebook page

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