If you’re one for healthy smoothies, juice cleanses and counting your calorie intake, there’s no surprise that you look and feel great. Besides adding the much-needed nutrients and cutting out saturated fats, you’ve made it a point to maintain a healthy diet.

Well, apart from the obvious reasons to watch what you eat–weight loss, and beautiful hair and skin– there’s an added advantage to this lifestyle.

According to a study conducted at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, aging gracefully can also be attributed to low-calorie diets.

The study suggests that “Targeting mechanisms in the central nervous system that sense energy generated by nutrients might yield the beneficial effects of low-calorie diets on healthy aging without the need to alter food intake.”

The study focused on a molecule called “AMP-activated protein kinase,” or AMPK, which acts as a molecular fuel gauge to detect energy levels.

According to the researchers, “AMPK inhibited the activity of a protein called CRTC-1 in neurons. This process, in turn, controlled the behavior of mitochondria, the primary energy-producing organelles in cells throughout the organism, by altering production of a neurotransmitter. Altering the AMPK pathway in just a limited set of neurons was sufficient to override its effects on metabolism and longevity in other tissues.”

To put it simply, for a healthy rate of wear-tear-and-repair in your body, stick to low-cal diets packed with nutritious foods. This will improve your quality of life, while also taking care of your body and skin.

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