Plant and Plate home shop at Whole Foods Market
Image/Media Source:Whole Foods Bridgewater Instagram

If you love visiting Whole Foods Market for your grocery needs, then you may be excited to find out that Amazon, who bought Whole Foods Market last year, is rolling out a new home goods shop called Plant and Plate.

The wellness-inspired home goods store will carry a variety of home, beauty, and garden items as an added component to Whole Foods Market’s offerings. Whole Foods Market already carries lifestyle items like handmade soaps, candles, and cookbooks, so the idea of having a home goods store is not far off from where the brand currently stands.

The idea behind Plant and Plate is that consumers can have a holistic shopping experience that not only includes the ability pick up groceries but also find a new decor piece for the home or find a gift for a friend without having to travel across town to do it.

Consumers already spend a decent portion of their money on health and wellness, which is mostly due to millennials, the driving force behind this trend. The latest research suggests that about 72% of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences rather than material goods and that health and wellness is a top priority when it comes to what millennials are pursuing.

And the market has been responding to these needs. According to research conducted by the Euromonitor International, in 2016, the health and wellness market had offerings amounting to $686 billion, and that number continues to grow. In fact, the Euromonitor International expects offerings in the wellness space to grow to $815 billion by 2021.

Other brands like Ikea and Anthropologie have already started increasing their wellness-inspired offerings in their stores, including aromatherapy products and zen-inducing products like candles, neutral color palettes, and soft, linen fabrics.

It seems only appropriate that Whole Foods Market would expand their wellness department by creating a store with more of these type of offerings. So far, the pop-up shop Plant and Plate can only be found in Whole Food Market’s Bridgewater, New Jersey location, however, the company is planning on creating more locations in the New York metro area soon.

How well the home goods store does is yet to be seen, but judging by how disruptive and innovative Amazon has shown itself to be since its launch, we’re optimistic about the future of Plant and Plate.


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