Tomato Pie Recipe Made with Ricotta Cheese

    Tomato Pie on parchment paper

    This tomato pie recipe celebrates the best of summer, including ripe, juicy heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil. You can make this pie ahead of time, then slightly reheat when you’re ready to serve with great results.

    To make this tomato pie really simple, we use a sheet of store-bought pie crust. If you want to make this recipe gluten-free, you could easily swap in a homemade, gluten-free pastry crust.

    For the filling, we use a combination of ricotta cheese, parmesan, fresh basil, and garlic for a flavorful, creamy mixture. Other additions like lemon zest and red pepper flakes add a little kick to the filling while ingredients like the raw egg help bind everything together.

    The topping for this tomato pie is, of course, the star ingredient — tomatoes. The summer is the best time of the year to make this tomato pie recipe because this is when tomatoes are at their peak in terms of flavor. If you try to use tomatoes out of season, they’re often bland or even somewhat bitter.

    Once you’ve assembled your pie crust into your pie pan, you’ll chill the crust then blind-bake it. Blind-baking is simply a matter of baking the pie crust for a bit before filling it.

    Once the filling is added, the tomatoes are added on top and the tomato pie is set to bake for about half an hour until the filling is set and the tomatoes are tender. Feel free to serve this tomato pie for a summer brunch, lunch, or even a light dinner!


    Cook time: 55 minutes
    Prep time: 15 minutes
    Idle time: 30 minutes
    Servings: pie



    To make the pie crust:
    1. Grease a 10-inch pie pan with the cooking spray, then line the pan with the sheet of pie crust. Chill for 30 minutes.
    2. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Pierce the pie crust all over with a fork. Place a sheet of parchment paper or foil into the pie crust shell, then pour dried beans or pie weights over the paper/foil.
    3. Bake the pie crust for 15 minutes, then remove the beans/weights and the paper/foil and bake for another 10 minutes until the crust is golden. Temporarily set the pie crust aside.
    To make the filling:
    1. To the bowl of a food processor, add all of the filling ingredients. Pulse until you get a smooth, well-blended consistency.
    To assemble the pie:
    1. Pour the filling into your prepared pie crust. Arrange the heirloom tomato slices all over the top of the pie. Drizzle the olive oil and honey all over, then add a pinch of sea salt and pepper.
    2. Bake the pie for about 30 minutes until the tomatoes have wilted and the filling is set. Let the tomato pie cool completely before garnishing with basil leaves and serving.

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