A Refreshing Watermelon Drink Recipe

    watermelon drink in cups with watermelon slices as garnishes

    It’s summertime and you’re outside lying by the pool with the sun beaming down. You want something refreshing to drink that’s also healthy. Since sweet-as-sugar watermelon is in season, the perfect thirst-quenching solution is this refreshing watermelon drink.

    Watermelon is not only delicious but filled with potassium, which can reduce your risk of stroke and kidney disease. In this melon, you’ll also find vitamin C, vitamin A, and lycopene (an antioxidant that fights off cancer and heart disease).

    With watermelon coming in at only 46 calories per cup, you simply can’t beat this watermelon drink for a tasty yet healthy refreshment! Enjoy this poolside drink to help you beat the heat and stay cool.


    Cook time: 0 minutes
    Prep time: 10 minutes
    Idle time:
    Servings: people



    1. Add everything except the garnish to a blender and mix to a slushy-like consistency. Top with a watermelon slice and sip away!

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