Whole30 Chicken Salad Recipe

    whole30 chicken salad on a plate

    If you’re following the Whole30 diet plan, then you’re probably on the lookout for tasty recipes you can enjoy while following this strict meal plan. This Whole30 chicken salad recipe is a delicious option for lunch or dinner and can easily be made ahead of time for ease and convenience during the work week.

    We love making this Whole30 chicken salad because it’s got great flavor and texture. The sweet grapes are a delicious contrast to the savory chicken and red onion, while the celery adds a nice crunch and the Whole30 mayo adds irresistible creaminess.

    This chicken salad recipe is also one of those easy lunch recipes (or dinner recipes) that you can make a large batch of and eat throughout the week. Whether you make your own chicken or use a rotisserie chicken from the store, the entire chicken salad comes together fairly quickly.

    And while this Whole30 chicken salad is technically called a salad, this isn’t one of those salads that’s just a bag of mixed greens, leaving you hungry still and unsatisfied by the end of the meal. We love the combination of ingredients in this recipe because they’re filling and tasty, but if you want even more crunch or nutrition, feel free to add chopped walnuts.


    Cook time: 0 minutes
    Prep time: 10 minutes
    Idle time:



    1. Add all of the ingredients to a large bowl, using 2/3 cup of mayo. Stir everything together and assess whether you need to add some more mayo to help bind everything together better.
    2. Cover the bowl with a sheet of plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve. Enjoy as is or scooped over lettuce.

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    Recipe adapted from jaysbakingmecrazy.com

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