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What is a Plant Based Diet?

A whole-food, plant-based diet centers on whole, unrefined, or extremely minimally-refined plants. If you're following the diet 100% of the time, you may even be completely avoiding meats, fish, dairy and refined foods and oils.

Embracing a plant-based diet has emerged as one of the healthiest decisions you can make for your overall wellness. And it may even save your life.  



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The Participants

They're everyday heroes who make big sacrifices to help others. But in their own lives ... they pay the ultimate price. Now, JD Roth helps unsung heroes break the bad habits that are damaging their health. 

Biggest Losers






JD Roth

After a successful career in front of the camera in his youth, JD Roth became a reality-TV pioneer, co-founding award-winning production company 3 Ball Productions (now 3 Ball Entertainment) in 2001, and championing “transformation television” – programming that celebrates the ability of people to make real changes and improve their lives.Now, as executive producer and host of the new reality series The Big Fat Truth on Z Living, based on JD’s recently released book of the same name, JD guides and mentors groups of overweight participants, posing challenges and providing the tools they need to accomplish their health and weight loss goals.



When you make the switch to a plant-based diet, it can be hard to know what to eat during the day. SnackNation experts can help with that. They meticulously select 15 plant-based snacks every month and send them straight to your door. 

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