4 Exercises To Reduce Dark Circles

It is often daunting to notice dark circles under our eyes first thing in the morning. We might feel like we got a good night’s rest, but our eyes are trying to tell us otherwise. Dark circles not only make us look tired but make us feel self-conscious about our appearance when interacting with our peers.

Our lifestyle plays a big role in how healthy the skin under our eyes can be. The shadows under our eyes might be telling us that we need more sleep, or that our diet needs a healthy fix.

Exercising often, eating plenty of greens, and drinking at least 8 – 10 glasses of water a day will keep the skin replenished and help fight the formation of dark circles. Along with maintaining a healthy diet, our bodies also need plenty of rest in order to recharge and stay fresh throughout the day.

Even if we practice healthy habits, age and genetics ultimately play the main role in the formation of dark circles, and applying makeup is only a temporary fix. Lucky for us, we can resort to simple exercises to help reduce those annoying shadows we can’t seem to forget about.

4 Exercises to Help Reduce Dark Circles

Along with trying natural remedies to help reduce those shadows under your eyes, certain exercise techniques will boost circulation under your eyes and help reduce the formation of dark circles.

We have 4 simple exercises for you to try to reduce dark circles under your eyes.

1. Massage with Jade Rollers

Jade rollers are small rollers used to massage the sensitive areas on your face. You can get jade rollers that are designed specifically to target the area under your eyes.

Using the jade roller, gently massage the area around your right eye in an upward and outward motion for 5 – 10 minutes. Repeat exercise on the left eye.

This exercise will help improve the circulation around the area under and around your eyes to stimulate healthy blood flow. Make sure to be as gentle as you can to avoid bruising.

2. Up and Down Movements

Be in a relaxed position and close both eyes. With your eyes closed, slowly look upwards and then downwards pausing for 1/2 second with each movement. Move your eyes up and down slowly at least 8 – 10 times.

3. Palming

Palming is a cupping exercise used to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Following this technique is simple and starts with you sitting upright in a chair.

Using your palms, cover your eyes with the left palm over the left eye and the right palm over the right eye. Focus on your palms for 10 – 20 seconds and remove your palms. Slowly and gently, continue to repeat this movement for at least 10 minutes.

4. Blinking

At 30 second intervals, look away and blink as fast as you can. Repeat blinking exercise 3 – 4 times, making sure to time yourself for 30 seconds each time.

Say Goodbye To Dark Circles

Practicing the easy exercises mentioned above will enable healthy circulation and promote rejuvenation of the eyes. Drink lot’s of water and get plenty of rest to further protect you from daunting circles under your eyes.

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