5 Non-Toxic DIY Cleaners For Your Home

Yes, you want to keep your home spic and span, but do you really want to risk the toxicity of chemical-based cleaners? They usually contain ammonia, chlorine, and other substances that are harmful, when released in the air over time. They could lead to health issues like respiratory irritation and headaches.

The good news is, you can clean up without relying on store-bought products. Prepare your own cleaners from simple home ingredients—they’re inexpensive, and safe to use.

1Bathroom Cleaner

HouseKeep your bathroom sparkling clean and purify the air with this DIY recipe. Made with essential oils, it helps remove stains on the shower stalls, windows, and the bathroom. Needless to mention, it leaves a refreshing aroma behind.

2Fabric Cleaner

Smudged ink, spilled wine, lipstick marks and dirt on your clothes can be annoying. Scrubbing them with chemical cleaners can wear them off easily. Instead, use this natural fabric solution to get rid of the stains.

3Multipurpose Cleaner

Made with castile soap and vinegar, it gets its minty aroma from peppermint oil. This cleaning liquid can be used to wipe counters, floors, and bath and kitchen appliances.

4Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A combination of vinegar and baking soda is all you need to clean the toilet bowl. This simple home solution will scrub off the pale rings from the surface, kill the germs, and brighten the surface of the pot.

5Wood Cleaner

Using this home-made vinegar and vegetable oil mix cleans wooden furniture without spoiling the surface. Simply dab some of this natural solution on a clean cloth, and wipe away.