Must Have Back to School Accessories for High School

School supply shopping for high school students is a whole different ball game than shopping for elementary school students. With a high schooler’s newfound independence, they’re going to need more tools and gadget to make sure they stay on task.

Whether or not you’ve done all your shopping for school supplies and a new wardrobe full of fashionable gear, make sure you don’t forget about the little accessories that a high schooler will need to make a big difference throughout the rest of the school year.

Top 20 Accessories for High School Students

Whether experiencing the freshman life or finishing up in the senior year of high school, students won’t deny that shopping for these accessories is a lot more exciting than shopping for simply pencils.

1Pencil Bag

No one likes a cluttered bag, so skip the mess and get a pencil bag that’ll keep all writing utensils in one place. What’s even better about picking out a pencil bag is they come in plenty of cool designs that can reflect a student’s personal style.

2Water Bottles

Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle handy. Be sure to choose a bottle that is BPA free, or if your child prefers a glass bottle, make sure to get a sleeve for it.

3Hand Sanitizer

Did you know that the germ count that lingers at school ranges anywhere from 2,000 to almost 15,000 depending on which items students use? Keep bacteria away by having a sanitizer handy at all times.


Sitting in a cold classroom can dry out the skin. Keep hands moisturized with a scented lotion with a smell that complements your personality.


Aside from keeping breath fresh, studies have shown that chewing gum while studying can actually help students remember what they’ve learned. So, make sure they always keep a pack with them.


The lips are made up of the thinnest skin, and in order to keep them hydrated while at school, start by carrying chapstick at all times.

7Hair Ties

Having a couple of rubber bands handy is never a bad idea. No one likes hair in their face, and when it’s a bad hair day, having some rubber bands will help spice up a new hairdo.


Keep hands and desks clean by carrying some wipes in your bag. Students can also use them while they use the bathrooms or even after they’ve eaten lunch. 


Headphones are essential for students as they can help tune out background noise for concentration, and music has been known to help students focus on daily tasks.

10Pocket Mirror

Carrying a pocket mirror will help boost confidence by making sure students always look their best. It’s small enough to put in their bag or pocket to make it accessible any time they need it.

11Sticky Notes

Using sticky notes is a nifty way of keeping reminders, or they can be used as a bookmark. What’s even better is they come in different colors to help color code things to remember.


A student can plan out the rest of the week or write down their daily homework assignments in a planner. It will serve as a reminder and help them stay on top of their school work.


Solve complicated math problems by using a calculator. It can help students ace that pop quiz and it is much more convenient than counting on fingers.

14Index Cards

Index cards are an excellent studying tool and can be used as cue cards when presenting a big school project.


Stay protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays by keeping some sunscreen. Just make sure the SPF is at least between 15 and 30.


After gym class, deodorant from that morning is likely to wear off. Make sure your child carries a travel size with them to stay smelling fresh throughout the rest of the day.


Regardless of big or small, everyone makes mistakes, so stock up on erasers because the ones on most pencils just aren’t enough sometimes.

18Portable Charger

It’s the worst when your phone dies and they’re no outlets available. Students are going to wish they had a portable charger to keep their phone charged throughout the day.

19Colored Pens

Color coding makes remembering information much easier and it also helps differentiate between notes. Colored pens are the perfect go-to and a student can add their personal style to their notes.


When erasers won’t finish the job, white-out is the perfect solution to cover the mistakes made, especially if they were made in pen.

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