Back to School Essentials

It is time to send the kids back to school again and we are sure that you can do it like a pro. But if this is your first time or if you need a little refresher course, click through this list of back to school essentials before you go shopping.

1. Uniforms

Some schools have uniforms and if your kid’s school does too, make sure you have it ready a few days before school reopens. That way you can avoid last-minute alterations and other surprises.

2. Regular Clothes

While uniforms may make your life easier in the mornings, most schools do not have them and this makes it necessary for you to go shopping for cool clothes that your kids can show off throughout the school year.

3. Shoes for Every Season

Once you have the clothes, you’ll need the shoes to go with them. Make sure you buy one for each season so that your child can stay cool or warm in the trendiest way possible.

4. Pencils

These are probably the most needed tool in your child’s backpack, so make sure you keep your supply fully stocked because you’ll definitely be needing quite a few of them throughout the academic year.

5. Crayons

Is there a child out there who does not love crayons? Probably not. So, along with those pencils, make sure you load up on colorful crayons for all the artwork and projects that are going to come your way soon.

6. Notebooks

Now that you have the pencils, don’t forget the notebooks. Be it for a kindergartner learning to write the letters or a freshman writing essays, make sure you have a few on hand.

7. Binders

These are not just for bills and boring adult paperwork, binders can organize your child’s school work too. Pick colorful binders to create a fun study area for your child.

8. Backpack

Pick a fun-looking, yet utilitarian backpack for your child to carry all the school essentials efficiently.

9. Erasers, Sharpeners and Rulers

Everyone needs stationeries, and these three may be the most useful in your child’s back-to-school kit.

10. Lunchbox and Water Bottle

Last but not the least, buy a cool lunch box and a matching water bottle for all those fun lunches that you have planned.