5 Ways To Pep Yourself Up On A Gloomy Winter Day

The holidays are done with, but winter isn’t. Somewhere between the biting cold and the gray skies, you could go low on energy and feel fizzled out.

Don’t let the weather dampen your spirit. Follow these tips to stay fresh and beat the blues.

1Stretch Those Muscles

Staying stagnant and lethargic for long may make you feel dull. Get up and give those muscles a good stretch to increase your blood circulation. A quick dance lesson, for instance, is sure to boost your energy levels.

2Soak In Some Sunlight

The long hours of darkness make you want to snuggle up in bed for a little longer. But you’d rather get out and get some natural sunlight. This is sure to wake your body up and regularize your sleeping cycle. Leave your gloomy room and take a stroll in the winter sun.

3Practice Relaxation Techniques

Simple breathing and visualizing techniques could revive your energy levels and drive away the blues. Focus on your breath and imagine yourself at a pleasant place, like the beach. This also helps increase your body’s cortisol levels, thus uplifting your mood.

4Eating Healthy

Sugar-rich treats and easily accessible junk food could comfort you only temporarily. Fill up on winter fruits like pomegranate and grapefruit, which are seasonal and full of antioxidants and vitamins.

5Brew Up Some Tea

Hot cocoa is the flavor of all seasons. But this winter, opt for tea. Herbal, flavored, or Ginseng, tea is the best way to revitalize the senses as it is loaded with flavonoids. For a hint of ginger and cardamom, try this healthy masala chai.

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