6 DIY Sensuous Spa Ideas For Him & Her

Is there anything quite as romantic as setting up a sensual spa for your beloved? Doing it in the comfort of your home may seem time-consuming and tedious but it is, in fact, very quick and easy.

Go beyond the cliché of candles and rose petals. We show you how to use bath salts, body polishes, aromatic diffusers and scented sachets to create the right ambiance. So plan ahead, and surprise your partner tonight.

Buttermilk Bath Salts


Bathing in this spa solution helps relax the nerves. The sea salt gently exfoliates and scrubs away dead cells, whereas the buttermilk cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

Cleopatra Cream Bath Blend


This skin-moisturizing bath blend is infused with the goodness of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and honey, which calms the nerves and provides deep relaxation.

Lavender Sachet


One of the simplest ways to jazz up the aura in your bathroom is by leaving a lavender sachet in there. We show you how to prepare it from scratch.

Crystal Bath Salts


The hydrating goodness of sea salt with a blend of herbs and essential oils can turn an ordinary bath into an exotic one. We suggest you invest in good-quality oils, as the crystal bath blend will work out to be more economical, and more romantic, than the one at your neighborhood spa.

Romantic Room Blend


Scent your bedroom an invigorating blend that is infused with the aromas of cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and bergamot essential oils. The aroma is sure to spark off some romance on the gloomiest of days.

Salt Body Polish


Here’s another nourishing spa idea for the skin. This polish blends the properties of honey, coconut oil, and kosher salt, to give your skin a soft, natural glow. Plus, it leaves your bath smelling wonderful.