In our Ask The Doctor series, Z Living’s in-house health and wellness expert, Dr. Jonathan D’Souza answers your questions and shares his tips for making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Q: Can I Feel Conception?
A: “Most women tend to wonder if they would feel any different right after conception. Conception can take place in the fallopian tubes shortly after you ovulate. The sperm takes about 24 hours to fertilize an egg. This fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tube for three to four days and finally makes its way to the uterus.

The pregnancy hormone (HCG) is present in the blood right after conception. However, HCG is not detectable until after the egg attaches to the uterus during implantation. Even at the earliest, a pregnancy test will only indicate a positive result about nine to 10 days after ovulation. Most women don’t notice any symptoms until after implantation, though a few may notice them before.

Signs To Notice After Conception
1. Bloating
You could feel more bloated than you usually do around the time you ovulate which could be a sign of pregnancy. Hormonal changes follow ovulation that causes the lining of the uterus to thicken, making you feel bloated. The same hormones can slow your digestive system down, which can also add to the bloating.

2. Spotting
One of the earliest signs of conception that typically shows about 10 to 12 days after ovulation is spotting. Bleeding a few days before your period can be an early sign of pregnancy.

3. Tenderness Of Breasts
Breast changes are experienced by most women during early pregnancy. Soreness, swelling and tenderness of the breasts are a sign of fluctuating hormone levels following conception. Pay heed to the timing of these changes. If the breast sensitivity begins seven days after ovulation, it could be indicative of a conception. If you’re experiencing these symptoms on the day of ovulation (or just before it), it might just be a sign that the body is ovulating and there’s no conception.

4. Increase In Urine Frequency
Frequent urination is one of the most common signs of an early pregnancy. Women find themselves making repeated visits to the restroom just a week after conception. If you’re urinating more frequently but passing small amounts of urine, it may be a sign of pregnancy. When the egg implants, the body begins secreting more HCG hormone. This hormone signals the body to send more blood to the pelvic region. Because of the increased blood flow, the bladder becomes irritable and you feel the urge to urinate.”