Benefits of Using Clay Masks For Your Skin

There is nothing quite like indulging in a therapeutic clay mask, especially if your skin feels extra oily or you are dealing with a breakout. The use of clay masks for your skin has been known throughout history, but were you aware that using clay proposes a variety of health benefits too?

In light of the fact that the earth is primarily composed of minerals, just like clay, it’s no question that the uses of clay have been used to promote overall well-being. Even many wildlife animals instinctively use mud to protect them from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays, ward off bugs and essentially to protect their skin.

Just like animals use mud as a defense mechanism, the same applies to us when we use a clay mask. With exposure to a wide range of toxins, environmental pollution and stress, it’s no mystery as to why many of us fall victim to skin issues.

Most skin complications are attributed to these three issues: bacterial imbalance, inflammation and toxicity. Luckily, all of these areas can be easily remedied with the use of clay masks.

What Is a Clay Mask?

Clay masks are either made from natural bentonite clay or charcoal, composed of calcium, magnesium, silica, copper, iron and potassium, which are often dried at a hot temperature to form a powder-like consistency.

How Do Clay Masks Work?

The sole purpose of clay is its ability to draw out toxins from the body and form the surface of the skin. Therapeutic clays like the ones used in bentonite clay masks can bind to heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, benzene and to other environmental pollutants as they expel them from our body’s tissue.

Chemically speaking, bentonite clay has negatively charged molecules, where most toxins and bacteria possess positively charged molecules. When applied to the skin or ingested, the two molecules bind together, and through the process of rinsing the clay mask off, you’re rinsing the toxins off your skin as well. The same thing happens when it’s ingested.

As a result of the clay’s molecular charge, it naturally seeks out toxins in and on the body to bind with. Reason being is because these molecules are missing an opposite ion to complete its charge, but once its counterpart is discovered they bind together and are free to leave the body’s intestinal tract, mouth or surface of the skin.

This process alone can promote the overall health of your skin by improving the immunity of the surface of the skin and greatly reducing inflammation in addition to a variety of other benefits.

Benefits of Using a Clay Mask

Using a clay mask on a consistent basis can guarantee you many health benefits that can improve the health of your skin. These benefits include the following:

Considering all the benefits a clay mask can do for the skin, wouldn’t it make you want to try it? If you don’t know where to start, we’re going to show you how to reap all the advantages of using a clay mask for your skin in just three simple steps.

How to Use a Clay Mask

  1. Mix your clay with equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar or water in a non-metal bowl and stir the mixture well until it forms a smooth consistency
  2. Apply a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch layer to your face
  3. Let it dry for 5–10 minutes for sensitive skin, or 15–20 for normal skin, and rinse with warm water.

You might feel a slight pulling or tightening sensation on your face, but it’s completely natural. If you also experience slight redness on your skin after you rinse off your mask, don’t worry because that’s normal as well and will disappear within 30 minutes. You will notice how renewed your skin will feel after the mask has done its job of removing impurities from your pores. Use this mask once per week to get your desired results.

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