mini pumpkins with candles and flowers

Setting up a beautiful dinner table for Thanksgiving is just as important as roasting a delicious turkey or adding toasted marshmallows to the yams. It’s all in the details when it comes to creating a magical table spread that will impress your guests, and these pumpkin candle holders are definitely the kind of details that get noticed.

While you may initially think that setting up a Thanksgiving dinner table is a costly affair, it really doesn’t have to be. Magazine spreads and in-store displays may be filled with costly decor pieces and fine china, but you can spruce up your table with even the most basic items.

These gorgeous pumpkin candle holders are made with some mini pumpkins from the grocery store. These kinds of pumpkins typically cost around a dollar each. You can also find taper candles for an inexpensive price at the grocery store, craft stores, or online retailers.

Adding flowers is an optional choice for this DIY project, but we think it really adds something special to the pumpkin candle holders. You can easily buy a mini bouquet and share the stems among your candle holders; the pumpkins will still look full with just half a bouquet of flowers because they’re so small in size.

You can also use faux flowers for this project if you’re worried about the flowers wilting. If you’re going to be making these pumpkin candle holders the evening before Thanksgiving, we recommend using faux flowers since real flowers would need water to stay vibrant until the next day.

The only real tool you need to make these pumpkin candle holders is a drill set. You’ll want to use an electric drill with a drill bit that matches the width of your candle. If you’re using flowers, then you’ll want to go a hair bigger with the drill bit so that you have some room to snuggly wedge in the flower stems.

To make these pumpkin candle holders, you need: 

  • Two mini pumpkins
  • Two taper candles
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Flowers (real or faux), optional


  1. Rinse your pumpkins to wash off any dirt or debris. Dry the pumpkins with a paper towel.
  2. If you are not using flowers, simply choose a drill bit that matches the width of the bottom of your candles. If you are using flowers, choose a drill bit that’s just a hair bigger.
  3. Keeping the pumpkins flat and steady, use your drill to make a hole right through the center of the pumpkin, drilling in from the top where the stem is. Be careful to only drill halfway into the pumpkin and not all the way through to the bottom.
  4. Snuggly place a candle into each pumpkin. If you are using flowers, cut the stems so that they’re about an inch or so long, and weave the stems into the pumpkin hole around the candle.