The Thanksgiving table is just as important as the meal when it comes to this fall holiday. Setting up a beautiful table is just one of the many tasks the hostess is responsible for, and DIY napkin rings like these are just one of the ways to do that.

DIY Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving table can be as simple as setting out some nice dinnerware, a few candles, and some hand-crafted napkin rings as showcased here. The napkin rings are an easy way to add a touch of festivity and fall decor while also serving a practical purpose.

1. Twine + Acorn Napkin Rings


Acorns are one of those decor pieces that clearly signify it’s fall, making them the perfect item to use in a Thanksgiving DIY napkin ring. Craft acorns are glued on top of paper towel rolls covered in twine for this simple, yet stunning napkin ring idea. Find the tutorial here.

2. Printable Kraft Paper Rings


If you don’t consider yourself very crafty but still looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate festive napkin rings, then this DIY idea is for you! These napkin rings are printed off the internet onto kraft paper, then cut and taped around rolled napkins. It’s really as easy as that. Find the tutorial here.

3. Place Cards and Napkin Rings in One


These editable napkin rings are also place cards so your guests know where to sit. Names are printed on kraft-colored cardstock paper and used to wrap around the napkins and silverware, keeping things organized while simultaneously letting guests know which seat is theirs. Find the tutorial here.

4. Rosemary and Cinnamon Stick Napkin Rings


Bring in a touch of greens by using fresh rosemary to create your DIY napkin rings. A sprig of rosemary is paired with a cinnamon stick and attached to a rolled napkin with a string of twine. These napkin rings will bring a rustic yet elegant touch to your Thanksgiving table. Find the tutorial here.

5. Burlap Napkin Rings


Keep things super simple by making these easy burlap napkin rings. You can make a simple band of burlap to hold your rolled napkins, or you can adorn them with extra fall touches such as a sprig of wheat or craft acorns and faux leaves. Find the tutorial here.

6. Leather Napkin Rings


Add some modern flair and mixed fabric use with these DIY leather napkin rings. While you’ll need decent handwriting to carry out this DIY project, the calligraphy pen does a good job of transforming basic handwriting into an artistic piece of work. You’re sure to get comments on how unique and beautiful your napkin rings are with this DIY option. Find the tutorial here.

7. Concrete Pumpkin Napkin Rings


If you’re looking for something modern and rustic that looks like you bought it at a cool shop downtown, then these napkin rings are perfect. This unique DIY tutorial uses concrete, a pumpkin rubber mold, and copper wire to create these gorgeous napkin rings. Find the tutorial here.