Do Kids Need Alone Time too?

There aren’t many adults out there who wouldn’t crave some alone time, especially after a crazy day. But have you ever considered if your kids have similar cravings? Various studies have shown that children of all ages have a tendency to spend time alone; from toddlers to teenagers, each child has a need for solitary time.

Benefits of Having Alone Time

Have you noticed your child playing alone after a long day at school? When you think about it, that’s exactly what you would want to do, too, if you just came back from a session of continuous activities from school, sports and music lessons.

Experts who specialize in children’s behavioral patterns say that solitary time is as important for a child as it is for us. It is during these episodes that a child may learn life-lessons that will help them in the long run. So do not worry if you notice your child stepping away from the crowd, occasionally, to do their own thing.

Do Kids Need Alone Time Too?1

Here are some benefits of the special alone time:


Many parents with a single child worry that the child might be lonely, without a companion to play with. While it is essential for a child to spend time with peers and develop good social skills, experts say that being alone actually prepares children to face various social situations in the future. It teaches them that they are independent without anyone else to entertain them or play with at all times.

Providing a child with a mixture of experiences — some alone time, a play date with a friend or a few hours of socializing in the park — will give them a taste of each experience and prepare them for any situation that life throws at them.

Imagination and creativity are unleashed:

Children have developing brains, vibrant imaginations and a lot of creativity, so some alone time provides them with an opportunity to explore a path they might fancy. You may have assumed that your little girl adores her Barbies and fairytale princesses, but you may be surprised to discover that in her alone time she is a superhero saving the world. Giving them an opportunity to unleash their creativity might also lead to some surprising discoveries of their hidden talents.

Emotions are controlled:

Kids can run amuck when in the company of friends their age and some alone time after a few hours of running wild in the park will do your child a lot of good. It will not only calm your child, but it will also teach them to get a handle on their emotions, calm themselves down and solve any issues that they might face.

Brain development:

Solo time may be beneficial for brain development too. Depending on a child’s age, the brain works overtime to perhaps try and understand how their toys work, to find the best solution to a problem at school or to grasp a new skill.

Even though individual needs vary depending on age, it looks like ultimately both children and adults deserve some alone time to relax and recharge every day.


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