Oh, the holidays! They’re always packed with food, festivities, and the dreaded but oh-so-necessary holiday shopping.This time of year is one of the best opportunities to test your discipline, either by breaking your own rules or strengthening them.

It seems as though Black Friday is arriving earlier than it should (with many stores, like Macy’s, opening at 8pm Thursday night), yet the most frenzied day of the year is still guaranteed to be crowded, cold, and relentless. Whether you’re a Black Friday veteran or still on the fence about a night of splurge, we have five great reasons to stay home.

1) Sleep-deprived shopping is more expensive than you think
Stressing your body to go shopping at odd hours makes you susceptible to spending and eating more because it diminishes your willpower. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Susie Garcia says, “When we sleep, our body releases certain hormones related to hunger and when you don’t get enough sleep, the ‘I’m Hungry’ hormone is increased.”Pair that with peer influence and impulse shopping, and a splurge like Black Friday can easily begin the start of an unhealthy holiday season.

Deals are not always what they seem
MoneyCrashers’ David Bakke tells us that price research over the last few years has determined that there are other times in the year to buy the same so-called door buster deals for the same price or less. Retailers are sneaky. They keep a low inventory so either you won’t get that flat panel TV or you’ll have to camp out for it. And if you’re not careful, you may not realize that many of the “greatest deals of the year” are not top-tier products of the current market, but older models that retailers want to get rid of quickly.

3) What about those leftovers?
How many people actually just cook the right amount of food for Thanksgiving and don’t have leftovers? Not many. Rather than shopping all night or day, relax at home with family and enjoy the hard work you put into making that menu. Plus, there’s a plethora of leftover recipes (start with our Recipes for Turkey Leftovers), so you can cook up more mouth-watering concoctions.

4) Celebrate Anti-Black Friday
Follow AdBusters’ Buy Nothing Day campaign and use your Friday wisely to volunteer at your community center, a soup kitchen, or a food drive. Websites like Volunteer Match tell you where to find volunteer opportunities in your city. Instead of buying more, donate the extra clothes and items you have, or set up a garage sale so your neighbors can find real thrifty deals without the chaos and stress.

5) There’s Still Cyber Monday
What’s better than shopping in your PJs? Shopping in your PJS, while eating Thanksgiving leftovers, of course! If you think you’re missing out on the chaotic parking hunts, long lines, and passionate shoppers, you can still shop online on Cyber Monday. Coupon sites like BeFrugal, RetailMeNotGroupon, and LivingSocial make it so much easier to shop at home and save with discount codes.

Be creative this holiday season and save yourself from the additional stress that the holidays tend to bring. If you still find yourself looking for parking at a mall Thursday night or Friday morning, make sure that you have a planned shopping list and prevent buying on credit by carrying cash. Happy Holidays!