Here’s what I know for sure—it is very important to take great care of yourself. To nurture yourself. To accept yourself, embrace and wholly love yourself. And do all that you can, to feed and fuel your soul in a healthy way, especially when you are going through a really tough time.

When any kind of trauma takes place in life, please allow yourself to express your heart, emotions and feelings, to communicate, to allow people to be there for you, to allow love in. Honor yourself with enriching and nourishing self-care. After experiencing the hardest time of my life, I found the following practices and methods to be most helpful and healing, so I wanted to share them with you in the hope that they can be of service.

1. Detoxifying & Healing Baths
When experiencing the extreme sadness that I was in, I kept feeling drawn to take a special aroma bath and it helped me the most. You can create a healing bath at home, by mixing 2-3 cups epsom salt with 10 drops of organic lavender essential oil. Or try this product called Jadience Total Body Detox Soak, that works wonders.

2. Listening To Brain Shift Radio
It provides amazing music mixes that boost your brain in whichever manner you want. You can improve your focus, reduce your anxiety, fall asleep fast, raise your energy, or enhance your cognitive abilities with this first and only interactive, prescriptive internet radio.

3. The Healing Power of Crystals
It’s scientifically proven that crystals are living, breathing components of nature and I can personally attest to their assistance with manifesting certain healing. It really is a fascinating and fun world to delve into, as mentioned on my blog. You can carry your crystals around with you, meditate with them, take baths with them, or sleep with them under your pillow.

4. Aromatherapy
I just love incorporating this practice into my daily living, as there is just something so harmonizing and soothing about burning essential oils. There are tons of different ways to do aromatherapy and I personally use a tea light diffuser, where a tea light candle warms the oil and it naturally diffuses into the air. You do have to be careful though, because some oils are flammable and most often you need to fill the top of your diffuser with water for dilution, and then add 8-12 drops of oil.

5. Get Out In Nature/Move Your Body
I have always been a hard-core nature lover, but while experiencing grief or trauma, there is something especially special about nature. Indulge in feeling the fresh air, feeling the sun, looking at the clouds in the sky, perhaps taking a walk in your favorite park, or simply sitting and taking some deep breaths by a body of water. Being around the animals, trees, scents, and sights can be so uplifting yet grounding at the same time, and most definitely allows you to see everything more clearly. The beauty of nature is the language of God.

6. Spend Time With Love & Kindness
It doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, co-worker, friend, or a pet, just enjoy the simple pleasures in life with someone who cares. Just being around a positive person’s energy who truly loves you, wants the best for your life, and who nourishes your soul, allows you to breathe in more gratitude. Remember that life is really all about love, all about creating and tending to meaningful relationships, and just being really kind and compassionate with each other.

7. Meditation
Yes, you’ve heard it a million times before, but it’s true. Meditation is a miracle worker. Running from yourself, hard times or emotions never creates a healthy situation, so it’s truly vital to take a few minutes a day to honor and befriend yourself and your spirit by being in quiet, and breathing deeply. We have to know and accept our lightness and darkness to become enlightened and whole. Some days, those moments will be flooded by thought after thought, and some days you’ll experience a connection to your heart that’s indescribable. On some days you’ll have major epiphanies, but no matter what each meditation session brings, welcome it with acceptance and an open heart.

8. Prayer, Self-Reflection & Doing The Work
I have spent many an hour talking with God, Archangels, my personal guides, and family members on the other side, asking for their assistance in getting me through and providing me with whatever lessons, healing, and blessings I may need. I believe in handing over to them whatever thoughts or fears I want released from me. I also think it’s absolutely vital to always self-reflect during times of pain, and see what role you played. There is always a profound reason for our hardships, and always a deep level of personal growth, healing and transformation that needs to be tended to. We do this by taking a good, honest, real, yet loving look in the mirror, taking responsibility, and then of course being gentle with ourselves while doing the work necessary to emerge more awakened and whole. And it does involve work, whatever it might be—professional therapy, shamanic healing, holistic health practices, forgiveness of others and self, a combination of them all. We simply must do the work.

These tools have helped me keep my heart and mind open, and allowed me to see the blessings, miracles, healing and lessons, that undoubtedly emerge from our most trying times.

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