You’ve been known to get moved by a gorgeous sunset or are unable to bear the thought of cruelty being inflicted on innocents—human or animal. Yes, you are what we call a sensitive person. While people may make it sound like a bad thing, studies have shown that lacking empathy, being impervious to others’ predicaments and generally not caring about the world leads to all kinds of negative behavior that affects everyone. Preserving your sensitive side is not easy in today’s tough world where a thick skin is almost a requirement for sanity.

That’s why we give you seven easy tips to ensure you maintain your loving, positive attitude—even in the face of pessimistic people and situations:

  1. Don’t Confuse Sensitive With Weak: Some of the most sensitive people are the fiercest. They will go to any lengths to protect their loved ones and stand up for their values. Celebrate, be proud of and tap into this strength
  2. Respect Your Feelings: Since you are so open to sharing and absorbing energy from those around you, stay away from whatever reeks of negativity such as gossips, bullies, insecure folks and even things like excessive exposure to social media, prime time news, and a cluttered workspace or schedule that leaves you no time to recharge your emotional batteries.
  3. Trust Your Instincts: Go with your gut and learn to listen to it. You have a ton of wisdom within you if you only stop long enough to pay attention. Let it be your moral compass and you will be hard pressed to make rash decisions or do things that don’t match your life goals.
  4. Care For Yourself: Whether this means monitoring your diet, getting adequate exercise or indulging in relaxing activities on a regular basis, being good to yourself will only equip you with the patience, energy and strength needed to do more good work.
  5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up: Sensitive folks genuinely experience joy from doing things for others. While going too far will result in your getting taken for granted, not doing it will deprive you of this deep, honest pleasure. So seek a balance between making others happy and doing what centers you.
  6. Be Your Own Top Priority: Just because you are sensitive by nature, doesn’t mean you can’t voice your opinion or avoid participating in something you don’t believe in. Sometimes this is crucial so you get heard, taken seriously and avoid overextending yourself.
  7. Find A Safe Zone: There’s too much stimulation surrounding us all the time, so find a haven where you can switch off, and do what calms you down. For some it could be dancing or listening to meditation music, for others burning some incense or applying aromatherapy oils while taking a long bath does the trick.

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Simona is a journalist who has worked with several leading publications in India over the last 17 years, writing on lifestyle topics and the arts, besides interviewing celebrities. She made the switch to public relations and headed the division as PR Manager at ITC Hotels’ flagship property, the ITC Grand Chola, but has since returned to her first love, journalism. Now she writes on food, which she is sincerely passionate about and wellness, which she finds fascinating and full of surprises. When she isn’t writing, she is busy playing the role of co-founder and communications director of The Bicycle Project, a six-year-old charity initiative that empowers tribal children in rural areas, while addressing the issue of urban waste.