Breast Cancer Awareness Month is winding down, and some wonderful people have been doing commendable work in the field, raising awareness and publicizing early detection methods. But it always seems like reports of such activities or anything related to breast cancer is just so depressing and borderline morbid.

No, we’re not saying we want ribbons and balloons (unless they’re pink, thank you) to cheer us up when talking about this serious and important topic, but perhaps there could be less gloominess and more celebrating? Those who are battling cancer could do with a shot in the arm of humor, hope and even success stories of others who have fought the battle and emerged victorious. So how about we share these stories of triumph?

A beautiful trend that’s been doing the rounds for a while now is that of breast cancer warriors (they don’t seem to like the term ‘survivors,’ so let’s respect that) getting their scars covered up with gorgeous tattoos. Tattoo artists are starting to specialize in this kind of artwork, making sure to learn how to be sensitive to their client’s special needs and keep in mind that they might deal with pain and sensations very differently from their clients who come in for a regular tattoo.


An organization called has even come up with an app called Inkspiration that allows those looking for a mastectomy tattoo to try out different options by either uploading a pic of their own body or choosing from similar body types. Once that’s done, the app helps connect you to a tattoo artist experienced in this specific kind of body art.

If you are unique and so are your scars, why not choose to decorate, celebrate and adorn them uniquely too? All part of the reconstruction and healing process, these tattoos are blazing a path for women who are ready to embrace their bodies with love and acceptance, irrespective of what the world thinks. We love their spirit!

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