Starting a family can be a trying time for anyone, and when the process takes place under the scrutiny of well-meaning but tactless friends and well-wishers, it can be mercilessly excruciating. It’s bad enough that constantly monitoring your and your partner’s fertility cycles, dosing your body with hormone supplements and fearfully tracking your results takes a toll on your sanity; you don’t need sympathetically clucking co-workers or brain-to-mouth-filter-lacking neighbors poking their noses into your business on top of all that.

And no one is exempt from this merciless onslaught. Chrissy Teigen, super successful supermodel and wife of the talented singer-musician John Legend, is known for being sassy and fearless on social media with a fan following that adores her. But even she lashed out at negative comments on twitter that followed her recent pregnancy announcement, where she shared that she’s been trying to get pregnant for a really long time and is finally happy to be successfully starting a family.


When people saw just a pic of her fully clothed and sporting a baby bump, they began speculating that she was carrying twins or maybe even triplets. Chrissy tweeted to these folks to “Get out of my uterus!” Fed up with the annoying intrusion, she finally declared she would not be tweeting about her pregnancy anymore.

Wise decision, considering the increasingly excessive negativity on the internet. More power to you, Chrissy!

For guidance on how to be truly supportive and not suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome with your dearest friend who is attempting to start a family, read our upcoming article on How To Be Supportive When Your Friend Is Struggling With Fertility Issues.

Images: Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram and Twitter accounts

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