Of course you are allowed to be nervous and anxious while heading out for that first date, but that’s no excuse for being lousy, unkempt, moody or uncool. If you really like her and want that second date, make sure your first impression is more than good.

Bookmark and note these tips to master your dating etiquette, and win her over.

  1. Take The Effort To Dress Right

You may be a jeans-and-tee kinda guy, but on the first date, it is not okay to be dressed in a way that makes her feel like you couldn’t care less. Dress appropriately, but not over-the-top. Keep in mind where you are meeting her, whether it is at a fancy restaurant, the movies, at the games or in the park; basically, dress the part, but put in that extra effort. We promise it won’t go unnoticed.

  1. Smell Well

You will probably give her a hug and be sitting close to her, so it is important that you smell nice. Use a perfume brand that is not too strong, but will linger. Make sure you only apply it on key points, such as behind the ear, on your wrist and on your neck, instead of drowning in it.

  1. Be Nice To Everyone Around

How you treat the people around you is a direct reflection of your personality. Women pay a lot of attention to how you talk to the restaurant staff, how you address the valet, and all such fine details. Don’t leave your manners at home.

  1. Be A Gentleman

She may be a very independent woman, someone who is confident in her own abilities and happy about it too. But that does not mean she will not love being pampered and being treated like a lady. Offer to pick her up and drop her home, open the door for her, hold out her chair and take her coat if she is wearing one.

  1. Give Her Your Undivided Attention

When you are with her, just be with her through and through. Switch your phone to silent, and in case you are expecting an important call, inform her about it and excuse yourself politely. Rest assured, she will like the fact that you are giving her your time and attention.

In the second part, we will share first date tips for women.

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