Of course you are allowed to be nervous and anxious while heading out for that first date, but that’s no excuse for being lousy, moody or uncool. If you really like the guy and want a second date, make sure your first impression is spot on.

Bookmark and note these tips to master your dating etiquette, and win him over.

  1. What To Wear

Picking the right dress may seem like an impossible task, and while you want to impress your partner, you don’t want to intimidate him either. Wear something that is classy and feminine, not loud or over the top. It is always a good idea to leave some things to the imagination. For the perfume, keep it light and not too strong.

  1. Mind The Time

Being late is not fashionable. Check a day prior to re-confirm the plan, so that there is no confusion regarding the time or the venue. Start a little early if required; it is always better to be a few minutes early than being late. Also, if you do get caught up in something unavoidable and can’t make it on time, be sure to call up your date and keep him informed.

  1. Watch Your Back

And sit up straight. Remember, no slouching at all, no matter how relaxed you may be. Also, remember to keep your elbows off the table and maintain proper table manners. Sit with your legs crossed in a way that your dress does not ride up all the way.

  1. Pay Attention

When you are with him, make sure you’re with him through and through. Switch your phone to silent and don’t keep looking at messages. Listen to what he says and ask him questions that will let him open up more. Also, avoid topics about past relationships, religion and money.

  1. Ordering & Paying

If you are asked to order the food/drinks, go for something that you have tried before and that is not too expensive. Make sure that you ask your date’s preference too. Also, offer to share the bill but take a cue from your partner. Some people are alright to split, while others may find it insulting. Go with the flow and don’t keep insisting on paying, if he wishes to get the bill.

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