Even though you and your partner love each other very much, at times, you might feel that something’s missing. First off, let us assure you that it is absolutely normal. There is nothing wrong with your relationship. All it needs is a little bit of spicing up.

Without waiting around another day, try to bring that sexiness back in your relationship. These day-on-day tips will help you build up the anticipation for a sexy night ahead.

Day 1:
Don’t shy away from sharing your sexual fantasies with your partner. Visualize and think of everything that gives you pleasure, and tell your partner just where to touch you and how to do it. Guide them—instead of expecting them to guess. Make sure you are willing to listen to your partner’s requests too.

Day 2:
Show your partner what you like to be done. Watching you pleasure yourself will help your partner loosen up and get in the mood.

Day 3:
Keep it exciting and explore new areas in the house outside the bed. Get in the shower, jump on the kitchen counter, or maybe even your terrace, as long as you’re sure the neighbors don’t get a sneak peek.

Day 4:
Make a fantasy box where both you and your partner can drop in notes with your fantasies written on them. Pick one for each day, or more, depending on your appetite.

Day 5:
Try out new positions, as long as either of you are not in any danger of hurting yourselves. Read up books that talk about interesting sexual positions, or experiment and find out what suits you both.

Day 6:
Dress the part. Learn the importance of roleplay and don’t be shy to use all those accessories that will help to jazz up your act, from naughty uniforms to boots and nets, some handcuffs perhaps?

Day 7:
Hook up with a stranger—ask your partner to roleplay as a stranger. So get dressed and set out to the bar all by yourself. When the ‘stranger’ approaches you, go ahead and flirt and talk dirty, before you end up at their place or yours.

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