How often do you find yourself stuck in an awkward social situation, in a meeting room, in a get-together with friends, in a public transport or public space? Feeling shy, awkward or out of place is a direct result of a low self-esteem. While for many, it can be happening only once in a way, for others it is one of their daily challenges.

The ideal formula to feel confident is to think better of one’s own self or improve one’s self-worth. Here are quick tips to prepare yourself to face any situation with sublime confidence.

  1. Watch Your Body Language: Don’t slouch—straighten up, instead. Adjusting your posture with a straight spine and shoulder’s pulled back will give you more power over yourself. While explaining things, talk with your hands. Moving your hands while you talk improves your thought process and makes you look more convincing. Also, don’t avoid eye-contact. Looking straight in the eyes will assure you that you are capable of putting your ideas forth.
  2. Dress Up: Clothing, make-up and accessories ignite your self-esteem. “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you exude confidence” says Erica Harriss, founder of Saving Grace Beauty, LLC. Any assurance of your looks works as an anchor when you face people. So the better you look, the better you can present yourself without any hitch.
  3. Mirror Work: Look into the mirror and note the positives in you. “Look at yourself and say ‘I love you, (name),’ ‘I accept you, (name),’ ‘you are beautiful’,” says Jaime Pfeffer, success and happiness coach, radio host, and award-winning speaker. “Use affirmations like,’ ‘I am gorgeous and everybody loves me,’ and ‘I am comfortable and calm in social situations’,” she adds. This might seem stupid at first, but this activity is sure to calm you down and make you feel better about yourself.
  4. Breathe Away Your Fears: Consciously breathe for a moment when you are nervous. This will not only ease your strained nerves, but also pump some fresh air in your lungs, calm you and give you a second to think how to go with the conversation/situation.
  5. Deal With Failure With Past Achievements & Future Aspirations: When failure knocks on your door, let your guard down for a few minutes and try to remember positive experiences, acknowledge your achievements and visualize yourself as confident and at ease. “Get detailed in this process and really imagine how you would feel if you were fully confident and self-assured,” suggests Pfeffer.
  6. Get Moving: If a situation bothers you, go out in the sun and stretch, throw your hands up in the air, nod up and down, jump, crack up some tunes and you’ll be amazed how the quick blood rush in your veins makes you fell all fueled up. “Every time I feel fear, I tell myself that I actually feel excitement. I use it as a trigger to go and do whatever it is I’m feeling afraid of,” shares Katherine Krug, an entrepreneur.
  7. Try Something New & Adventurous: Going forward to do something that you are scared of gives you an adrenaline rush, and being able to accomplish it encourages you to tackle any challenge that is to come your way. It can be as simple as talking to a stranger on the run, “telling someone I like their shirt or hair, or asking someone to coffee you see on the street,” says Katherine. “Taking the plunge to connect with strangers makes me feel more confident in all of my interactions.”
  8. Smile: “A smile makes you look more confident and also relaxes, as it releases endorphins,” says Pfeffer. Moreover, that bright curve on your face will help you fake it till you actually make it.

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