Our job is what we spend a good part of our day doing every day. But are we really happy with it? “What drives you in life? Is this something that you love doing so much that you would continue to do it even if you were filthy rich?” asks corporate speaker and advisor John Sullivan. After all it is not just about money—doing a job that suits you contributes to your overall happiness and well-being. So, what are the parameters you should measure your job on? Check this list out. [Also Read: 5 Life Hacks For Harried Working Moms]

  • Independence & Flexibility
    The strongest pillar of job satisfaction is a sense of control. This implies being able to manage your time and work as per your convenience. Are you able to take off for a doctor’s appointment or other such errands? Do you have autonomy when it comes to workload and timings? Do you have the privilege of working from home on certain days without any pay cut? These things will give you a wider window to manage your work more potentially with complete peace of mind.
  • Relations With Colleagues & Supervisors
    Your inability to fit in or adapt to your company culture can lead to emotional distress. Employees will be happier and more likely to stay on the job if their relations with one another and with management are good. The goal is not for employees to be best friends; it is to maintain respect and mutual civility.
  • Trust & Value
    It is very important to be appreciated by the right people. Encouragement and recognition from supervisors boosts your self-confidence, increases your drive to work hard and grow. There is nothing worse than a supervisor who holds you back. “Your career will soar when you have a great mentor helping you along the way” regards Sullivan. Being trusted with responsibilities, for instance, works as an incentive for you to put more than your 100 percent in everything you do.
  • Opportunities For Growth
    A good job not only asks the best from you but gives you the best too—and this giving is not limited to salary alone. “A job with lots of projects, growth opportunities, benchmarking, and many challenges is the kind of job you want,” says Sullivan.
  • Salary & Benefits
    Money is an important building block for your job satisfaction. This includes easily meeting your bills, payments, and leisure expenses. In addition, the company provisions of additional benefits like medical allowance, travel expenses, and other incentives also makes a big difference.

Want to determine if you’re in the right job? Answer these three simple questions asked by licensed clinical social worker Abigail Burd:

  1. Do you believe that the job is consistent with your values?
  2. Do you enjoy your day-to-day experience on the job?
  3. Does the job provide you with the quality of life you desire?

If you’ve answered yes to two or more questions, you’re probably happy with your job. If not, it’s probably time to explore other options.

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